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District One Off Plan By Meydan Shobha

  • MBR City

  • Villa / House

  • FreeHold

  • Meydan Sobha

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Disclaimer:The trademarks, images and copyright included in this literature may not be used without the express prior written consent of Meydan Sobha LLC – FZ. All rights reserved.

All reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of this literature and to the best of our knowledge, no relevant information has been omitted on purpose. However, Meydan Sobha LLC – FZ and its management, employees, appointed sales and marketing agents disclaim all liability in the event that any information, design, area or matter in this literature diuers from the sale and purchase agreement or the actual constructed development or part of the development. None of the information contained in this literature should be viewed as an ouer to sell or as a solicitation to purchase any part of the development. Rather, the information contained herein is provided to you so that you can learn and generally familiarize yourself with the development. We reserve our right to make improvements and/or changes to this literature and the information, designs or areas contained in at any time without notice or obligation.

The artist renderings and visualizations contained in this brochure are provided for illustrative and marketing purposes.

All measurements, dimensions, coordinates and drawings given in the Property (Site/Floor) Plans are approximate and provided only for the purpose of illustration, information and general guidance as such drawings are not to scale. All the floor/site plans including concerned plot/room/swimming pool sizes, specifications, locations and orientations shown have been taken from concept designs prior to the actual development/construction and therefore their accuracy in relation to actual construction cannot be confirmed.



Floor Plan
District One Off Plan By Meydan Shobha
Payment Terms
Milestone Payment%
Booking 10
20% Construction 5
30% Construction 5
40% Construction 10
50% Construction 10
60% Construction 14
On Completion 50
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