What are off plan properties in Dubai

What are Off Plan Properties in Dubai?

Off plan properties in Dubai is the proportion of real estate that is still under development but can be sold directly from developers. The main appeal of buying off plan properties in Dubai is the lower cost of down payment and Dubai’s off plan promotions. The rest of the repayments of an off plan property are directly linked to the stages of construction set out by the developers. 

Fidu Properties lists a variety of off plan properties in Dubai. Some of the communities that specialise in the best off plan properties in Dubai are:

  • Dubai Creek Harbour

  • Downtown Dubai

  • Mina Rashid

  • Emaar Beachfront

  • The Valley

  • Emaar South

  • Port De La Mer

  • Tilal Al Ghaf

  • District One

  • Dubai Marina

One of the considerations that buyers need to make when purchasing off plan properties is the locality in which they are investing. For example, off plan projects in Downtown Dubai are more likely to have a higher level of interest from buyers who prefer a luxurious, urban lifestyle. Dubai Marina’s off plan projects offer a more riviera-inspired experience and attract investors who want to lead an active and coastal-style life. Buyers would need to gauge their priorities to establish the locality and the type of housing they want to invest in before they buy off plan property in Dubai. 

Find a plethora of off plan properties in Dubai for sale on our website.



1. Can I sell an off plan property before construction is complete?

In most cases, off plan properties in Dubai can be sold before construction is complete. This aspect is a reason that leads to the appeal of off plan properties in Dubai. 


2. What are some of the latest off plan projects in Dubai?

New off plan developments are being launched in Dubai regularly. You can find a complete list on our website. 


3. Is purchasing an off plan property a good investment?

Off plan properties usually offer high rental yields, as well as experience property value, appreciate in most cases. 


4. What is buying off plan property mean?

Purchasing property that is yet to be built is called buying off plan property. In Dubai, purchasing off plan property is a more affordable option to invest in real estate. 

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