Coronavirus: Dubai employees can work from offices again soon
Coronavirus: Dubai employees can work from offices again soon

Staff and visitors will be mandated to wear masks at all times inside offices

Dubai: Slowly but surely, employees will find themselves working from their offices again. This is based on the set of recommendations set by the Dubai Economic Department (DED).

Offices reopening however have to arrange a 24-hour office sanitisation. All common areas of the building/office premises, including toilets, must be cleaned after each use while entrance areas are to be sterilised.

All types of offices in Dubai are covered by the set of restrictions and protocols, according to DED.

Pantries are to be closed and there has to be single-use or disposable utensils for employees.

All companies must implement health checks at the entrance. Anyone entering the building/office, including staff and visitors, must undergo temperature screening.

Any employee who is ill or anyone showing signs of coronavirus (COVID-19) are prohibited from coming to work.


Wear masks at all times

All companies are required to provide masks and hand sanitisers. Employee and visitors are also mandated to wear masks at all times in the building/office from the point of entry. The DED noted that non-compliance will lead to denial of entry.

Hand sanitisers are to be installed and the purchase of masks and sanitisation materials are to be managed by building management and companies.

Physical distancing of two metres must be maintained in all common areas, including elevators, service desks, customer service, etc.

The number of people permitted inside elevators should not exceed 30 per cent of its capacity.


30-70 rule

Companies are mandated to have an occupancy ceiling – 30 per cent are in the office while 70 per cent can continue to work from home.

The DED requires offices to maintain an occupancy ceiling of 30 per cent in common areas and within office premises.

Companies must also ensure that no high-risk individuals are present at work.

Office working hours are not to exceed eight hours daily. DED has advised to cut down on meetings and ensure no more than five people are in a meeting with two-metre physical distancing maintained. No gatherings of big groups are permitted.

The DED has also recommended the suspension of valet parking services during the first phase of office normalisation period.

An isolation room is also to be provided for suspected COVID-19 cases.

Dubai Municipality (DM) will conduct a monitoring programme. Non-compliance may result in the issuance of a violation notice or fines or closure as per the enforced regulations, according to DED.

DM, DED’s Corporate Compliance and Consumer Protection Sector and other relevant government departments will reach out to provide additional guidelines and instructions as and when required.

Publish Date: 26-04-2020

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