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Property for Sale in Downtown Dubai

The properties in Downtown Dubai provide residents with magnificent views of the Dubai skyline. A lot of the properties in Downtown Dubai consisting of multiple apartment units host lifestyle and health facilities like state-of-the-art gymnasiums and swimming pools. The skyscrapers also host in-building parking, while some even provide valet services. Residents of the property for sale in Downtown Dubai can also make use of the ample public transportation options like the Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa metro station, public buses, registered taxis and the Dubai Trolley. The Dubai Trolley is a unique service in Downtown Dubai that ferries residents and tourists around the community.

Downtown Dubai is the epicentre of luxurious, upscale recreation facilities and dining venues. The Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard runs through Downtown Dubai and is full of the hippest cafes and restaurants in Dubai. The Boulevard also features several grocery stores, pubs and local art installations. The Boulevard is an incredibly unique feature in the area and plays a part in the value of the properties in Downtown Dubai.

Downtown Dubai is home to several prominent attractions and landmarks in Dubai. The world’s tallest building, the most expensive apartment in Burj Khalifa stands tall at the centre of Downtown Dubai. Residents of the properties for sale in Downtown Dubai will have the opportunity to take pictures in front of this magnificent icon. They can even take the elevator to the 148th floor of the tower and enjoy the fantastic views of the city of Dubai from above.

One of the world’s largest malls, the Dubai Mall is situated in Downtown Dubai. The residents of the properties in Downtown Dubai will have access to the myriad of retail outlets, dining venues and recreational features that are located within the expansive shopping complex. The Dubai Mall also hosts an extensive and well-maintained cinema and an Olympic size ice rink. The Dubai Mall is also the abode of the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo, which is home to 33,000 underwater beings as well as a diverse collection of aquatic creatures.

The Burj Lake is a 30-acre humanmade water structure set between The most expensive apartment in Burj Khalifa, Souk Al Bahar and the Dubai Mall. It hosts one of the most popular tourist attractions in the emirate of Dubai - the Dubai Fountain. The Dubai Fountain is located on the humanmade Burj Lake in the centre of Downtown Dubai; the attractive fountain show performs regularly throughout the day. These landmarks make the properties in Downtown Dubai extremely popular amongst those who are looking for a lifestyle that is urban, luxurious and vibrant.

Downtown Dubai also hosts several luxury five-star hotels like Vida Downtown, Al Manzil Downtown and The Address Hotel. Residents of the property for sale in Downtown Dubai will have direct access to the gourmet restaurants and the lavish health and wellness facilities located within these acclaimed hotels.

The properties in Downtown Dubai are also sought-after for their location. Downtown Dubai is commonly referred to as the ‘Centre of Now.’ The district has a significant position in Dubai’s cityscape as it is situated along a major arterial road of the emirate - Sheikh Zayed Road. Business Bay and Financial Centre Road edge the property for sale in Downtown Dubai. Residents of the properties in Downtown Dubai can make their way to the Dubai International Airport within a short 10-minute drive. The mega-development is an extremely well-positioned district in Dubai and is situated close to several up and coming neighbourhoods in the city.

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