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Why should you choose Fidu to sell your property?

When choosing a real estate agent to sell your property, the most important aspect that should affect your decision is trust. You need to be able to trust that your agent has your best interests at heart and that he understands your perspective and needs.

At Fidu, our top priority is to be a proactive agency that is focused on providing the best results in the time period the client provides. Listed below are reasons why you should choose Fidu Properties for your needs:


Our agents will provide a reliable valuation of your property so that you can begin the process of selling.

Professional Advice:

At Fidu Properties, agents keep up to date with the latest market knowledge. Equipped with expert advice, agents can safeguard the interests of their clients. They can also guide the clients with regards to timing and price offered during the sale.


At Fidu Properties, our dedicated in-house marketing team has a keen understanding of the real estate industry. It delivers the most effective marketing strategies for lead generation, which in turn will enhance exposure within the Dubai real estate market. Some of these strategies include digital marketing, social media, SEO, google analytics and more!

Dedicated Team:

Our team is trained to provide clients with an unforgettable experience throughout their real estate journey.

Excellent Customer Service:

A fundamental aspect of the culture at Fidu is the high level of customer service that is a top priority at our firm. Our attitude ensures a transparent and honest service centred around the client.


At Fidu, confidentiality with regards to the client is a top priority. We comply with the rules and regulations of Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) and thus, can assure ethical and secure real estate transactions.

Customisable Service:

At Fidu Properties, all decisions are made centric to the client. When the client is ready to proceed with a sale, our agents will assist them in completing the transaction at their own pace.

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