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Villas for sale in Dubai

The majority of the luxury villas in Dubai come with swimming pools, expansive gardens and more than one parking spot. Buy Villas in Dubai are available in a variety of styles depending on their location. Styles vary from Desert-inspired, Mediterranean, European and Contemporary.  Moreover, upscale beachfront villas feature the appeal of a sea-side inspired theme.Dubai is the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates and is a global hub for business, trade, tourism and leisure. Dubai provides its residents with world-class amenities and creative entertainment facilities. The quickly expanding city has become a desired place to live and work due to its position as a world leader in business and trade. The metropolitan haven attracts residents and expatriates from all over the world, who come to improve their personal and well as professional lives. As it’s a business hub, the city of Dubai is home to many up-scale business professionals and affluent families.

Even though Dubai is known to host several hundred high-rise buildings, it is also famous for its lavish and spacious villas. With infrastructural development taking place at every nook of the emirate, the real estate industry is in a dynamic position. The villas for sale in Dubai are known to be luxurious, spacious and of a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The villas start from 2 bedrooms and range all the way up to eight or even nine bedrooms. The larger villas are equipped with several bedrooms and are designed to cater to larger joint families.

The majority of the luxury villas in Dubai come with swimming pools, expansive gardens and more than one parking spot. Numerous villas for sale in Dubai are featured in master-planned communities that are spread across the entirety of the emirate. These villas are preferred by residents as they feature additional on-site amenities and facilities. These facilities include a community centre, sports courts, swimming pools, parks, a golf course and more. Some of the more convenient lifestyle facilities located within these communities include grocery stores, pharmacies, clinics, schools and restaurants.

Different kinds of people purchase villas for sale in Dubai for a number of reasons. These include:

  1. Local buyer - Local Emirati citizens buy villas intending to reside within them or rent them out to other locals or expatriate residents in the country for financial profit.
  2. Expatriate Resident - As the economy of Dubai grows, the number of expatriates that migrate to the emirate for new opportunities increases. Most expatriate residents purchase villas for sale in Dubai with the intent to reside within them. As Dubai is a tolerant, peaceful and safe place, the residents of the emirate build a sense of home and community within their neighbourhood and thus, are more inclined to purchase a freehold villa for their families.
  3. Foreign Investors - As of 2002, foreign investors can buy and sell freehold property in Dubai with special regulations or terms and conditions. Dubai is a popular tourist destination in the world and thus, invites affluent international investors to purchase holiday villas in Dubai. Prosperous foreign investors also purchase villas for sale in Dubai as an investment opportunity, to rent or resell the property for profit.

The styles of the villas for sale in Dubai sometimes depend on the locality they are positioned within. These styles vary on a large spectrum from desert-inspired villas, Mediterranean villas, European villas and even more modern, contemporary villas. Another popular choice with buyers in Dubai is upscale, beachfront villas. These villas have gained popularity due to the growing appeal of a seafront and riviera inspired lifestyle.

Listed are some villas for sale in Dubai that you can choose from. Fidu Properties is pleased to present you with a wide variety of villas for sale in Dubai. At our company, our priority is to aid our clients to receive the best deal and payment plan that will benefit them in the long run.

What are the best type of villas in Dubai?

Some of the different types of villas for sale in Dubai are:

  1. Sea View Villas For Sale In Dubai – Sea view villas contain everything from huge bedrooms to family seating areas and formal living rooms. Almost all the rooms within the building will have a sea view.
  2. Luxury Villas For Sale In Dubai – a typical luxury villa will be exquisitely designed while keeping in mind modern taste in living styles. The decor can be customized to make it look minimalist or lavish as per your requirements.
  3. Investment Villas For Sale In Dubai – you could choose to furnish these villas or leave them unfurnished. These villas are primarily used for investment purposes and will have all kinds of amenities that will help with good yield in the future

What are the most popular areas in Dubai?

Dubai is enticing in every way possible. Be it a restaurant, a street, a shopping mall or a hotel; it has to be the best-in-class. Listed below are some of the more popular places in Dubai that will make you want to relocate here straight away.

Burj Al-Arab - the tallest hotel in the world. It has a towering height of 321 meters. It is situated on the man-made island on the coastline of Dubai. The hotel is very stylish and with fine cuisines and surroundings, it is one of the world’s top hotels. It will cost you a whopping $15,000 for one night in a luxury suite. The Al-Mahara is an underwater restaurant within the hotel that lets you view sea life as you dine.

Jumeirah Beach - the most popular beach in Dubai for tourists as well as for locals. The beach is lined with hotels, and there are water sports activities and fun activities for the whole family.

Dubai Aquarium - one of Dubai’s prime attractions. It is located in the Dubai Mall on the ground floor. This aquarium is a large tank that is suspended in mid-air. It is home to at least 140 species of sea creatures. There is an underwater zoo that you can view while walking through glass tunnels. There are many activities that you can indulge in. These range from glass bottom boat tours, shark diving and in cages.

Deira - an area within Dubai and is an amalgamation of different cultures and also a meeting point. It lies on the northern bank of Dubai Creek and is well known for its busy markets. It is a trendy place for both tourists and locals. The Deira Gold Souk consists of over 400 retailers, most of whom are jewelry traders. The Deira Spice Souk market has an unimaginable selection of spice varieties from around the world.

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