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Flats for rent in Dubai

The short or long term let can be furnished, unfurnished or even semi-furnished with a variety of stunning views that depend on the locality - city-based, waterfront or even warm desert sands. Flats for rent in Dubai can be found in residential communities or as stand-alone flats, the former being the more common residence available. Residential communities provided access to added perks like swimming pools, gymnasiums, open spaces and even social lounges. Listed below are the flats for rent in Dubai

The choice of a flat for rent in Dubai depends on the various facilities and amenities that are available as well as the tenant's budget. Fortunately, there exists a wide variety of flats for rent in Dubai, differing in their budgets, design and sizes. They cater to all types of residents, including young single professionals, young couples and larger joint families. Along with these accommodations, potential tenants of the flats for rent in Dubai can also make a decision about the length of let they require. Flats are available with month to month lets as well as yearly lets.

They are also available as unfurnished, semi-furnished and furnished housing units. These flats can be found in residential communities or as stand-alone flats, the former being the more common residence available. This inclination is due to the presence of extra perks like neighbourhood gymnasiums, swimming pools, parks and social spaces within the residential communities. Assigned private parking, sports courts, security and community centres are also available in most flat complexes in Dubai. Potential tenants can even make a decision based on their choice of view. The different vistas provided in flats for rent in Dubai depend on the locality; these range from city-based, waterfront, seafront, golf views and even desert views.

One of the most important aspects of letting a flat in Dubai is the location of the flat. Central areas like Business Bay, Sheikh Zayed Road and Dubai Marina offer premium flats at slightly more affordable rates. On the other hand, Palm Jumeirah and Emaar Beachfront provide properties that are somewhat further away from central Dubai but have more on-site facilities and amenities. Fidu Properties will be pleased to assist you during your search in any way that we can.

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