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Benefits of buying an off plan property in Dubai

With numerous off plan properties being announced every month, seasoned investors and first-time home-buyers alike are demonstrating a growing interest in purchasing them.

We have compiled a list of benefits of buying an off plan property in Dubai:

Since the property is not complete yet, the prices of off plan properties are usually lower than on plan ones.

The advancement of technology allows for vibrant 3D generated visuals of the property to be designed. This helps potential investors to arrive at a decision.

The entire bulk payment is not required at the time of purchase; a down payment followed by monthly payments are required to pay off the property’s value. This reduces the pressure on finances and allows flexibility in the decision to purchase real estate.

The properties are usually of high value and predict capital appreciation. These are relative to time and estimated completion dates.

There are many incentive schemes offered by developers to potential buyers.

Most banks and financial agencies offer attractive financial schemes to aid the repayment of off plan properties.

There are no taxes involved in an off plan property investment in Dubai.

The stability of the currency in the UAE encourages expatriates to flock to this financial haven; thus, investors will always be able to find tenants or buyers for their off plan investment.

Buyers encounter a wider choice of properties to suit their needs and preferences.

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