Blood Donation Event in Fidu Properties

Blood Donation Campaign | Fidu Properties

'Every drop of blood is like a breath of life for someone else.'

Donating blood is truly the gift of life a healthy person can present to someone in need. It's a social responsibility that should be encouraged in society to support the blood banks in the country. 

The event took place in the new office in Emaar Square and was covered in red decorations highlighting the need to raise awareness for such an important cause. 

All willing blood donors were made to download the DHA app on their devices and answer a series of questions determining their eligibility. A small blood sample and blood pressure check-up were taken in order to ensure safe blood would be donated. Every donor was given fruits and juices to energize themselves after the donation. 


The Fidu team acknowledges each and every individual that participated in this event and contributed to the company's aim of making a difference in society. Thank you for your support! 

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