FIDU Properties New Office Opening Ceremony

FIDU Properties New Office Opening Ceremony

Fidu Properties is in expansion mode, which reflects our commitment to Dubai, the UAE and the region. Fidu is extensively working with EMAAR as 90 per cent of its business was generated through the Emirati developer. However, we have plans to expand with well-known and trusted developers with strong reputations, and we are confident that this new space will give us the liberty to network with different developers and customers.

The company has also expanded its presence in the international market and has conducted several international roadshows across the globe in the first half of 2019, particularly in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. As of late, Fidu Properties is primarily working only in China and Dubai. Most of our clients come from China, and from Dubai, where our products are promoted. These two countries are where we focus and generate most of our business.

Our company has repeatedly enforced growth opportunities in luxury developments in Dubai. The new office, #408 - building number 4 in Emaar Square, offers a mix of contemporary and classic design and includes  VIP concierge services. The new office provides a luxurious theme to our VIP clients, allowing them to relax in the lounge and make informed decisions regarding their real estate investments rather than make rash decisions in open sales centres. 

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