How to Prepare your House for Sale | Best Way to Show your House

How to Prepare your House for Sale

With the abundance of properties that are available in today's real estate market, buyers can afford to be choosy. Hence, it is essential to pull out all the stops to present your property for sale in the best light possible. 

Tidy your home:

The first and most elemental task to prep your home before a sale is to tidy it. Tidying and freshening up your home presents your living space in the most attractive and homely form.  This step can involve organising your closets, dusting, polishing your appliances and wiping your windows and skirtings. 

Present a minimalistic environment:

It is vital to clear all the clutter and extra furniture out of the way. This measure is to ensure that buyers are focusing on the space the property provides rather than the mess or decorations. As a seller, you want buyers to focus on the features of the home and help them imagine how they could decorate it and make it their own. 

Re-paint the walls:

Clients looking to sell their property must ensure their property is displayed as best as it can be; this includes painting the walls of the property a neutral colour or painting over the blemishes to get rid of any chips or markings. 

Keep personal items out of the line of sight:

Private or personal items like family photographs or artwork should be removed for the viewings. This measure is to ensure that the buyers can envision their families within the space and appreciate the impressive features of the property. 

Add fresh flowers and plants:

Bringing a hint of nature into your property can add freshness and liven up the interior of your home. It can also help draw attention away from the features in your home you want to underemphasis. 

Open the windows:

When your viewings are to begin, ensure to open your windows or draw your curtains to let in natural light. Most properties look their best when they are bathed in natural sunlight; the light will also help accentuate the views that are provided through the window. Bright, vibrant living spaces are more inviting to buyers and will add an attractive charm to your home. 

Check your utilities

Before you schedule viewings, ensure that your utilities are functioning correctly. Establish that there are no heat, gas, water or electrical issues in your property. This step can include anything from replacing bulbs, repairing pipes and fixing leaky taps. 

Repair the faults

Repairing even the smallest defects in your living area can make a difference in your home's presentation. Examples of these instances are replacing cracked tiles, tightening doorknobs, replacing drawers, patching cracks in the wall and buffing out scuffs on the floor. 


If your property consists of outdoor space, ensure that is exhibited as an escape into nature. This step can include adding new plants, mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges and sweeping the expanse. A garden or a terrace is a popular feature that buyers look for, so it is imperative to ensure that everything is in order. 

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