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List of New Projects and Developments by Meraas

Being centered around making the property market in Dubai more noteworthy, Meraas has carved a niche for themselves in Dubai real estate. Meraas has stunningly made property advancements have raised the status of Dubai. It has transformed the city into one of the most wanted urban areas to live, work and play in. 

The thriving cosmopolitan city exhibits potential to cater to individuals desire to grow their ways of life. Meraas has taken advantage of the global appeal towards Dubai and enlisted some of the finest talent to create a lifestyle experience that will entice people to be a part of for years to come. 

Meraas is a holding organiztion that displayed promise in a buliding a positive commitment to the Dubai economy. A visionary in the making, the company soon assumed a key a role in reinforcing not only Dubai but  UAE as a one of the world's most alluring environment to work, play and live. By diversifying their interest in an assortment of industry divisions, Meraas had a vision to produce long haul upgrades to the financial and social improvements in the city. Meraas is spearheading a few activities in different macroeconomic areas including the travel industry, leisure, property and ventures showcasing what the city has to offer. 

List of New Projects and Developments by Meraas


Projects Property Types Developers Areas Completion
Cherrywood Townhouses Townhouses Dubai Meraas Al Qudra Road 2021
La Cote Apartments Dubai Meraas LA Mer 2021
Central Park City Walk Apartments Dubai Meraas Jumeirah 2021
Amalfi Villas Villas and Townhouses Dubai Meraas Jumeirah Bay Island 2021
La Rive Apartments Dubai Meraas La Mer 2022
La Voile Apartments Dubai Meraas La Mer 2022
Pearl Jumeirah Villas Dubai Meraas Pearl Jumeirah 2020
Sur La Mer Townhouses Dubai Meraas La Mer 2021

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