What are the risks of buying off plan

What should you consider before buying off plan?

Off plan properties are an incredibly standard option for investment in the real estate market. Off plan properties offer flexible payment plans, lower upfront costs, and a higher return on investment as you can sell the property before the completion of construction. Off plan properties are particularly prevalent amongst developers, as investors are particularly attracted towards this type of property.

However, as with any investment there comes a particular risk factor, as outlined below.

Purchasing off plan properties does entail risks. However, any significant investment with the potential for high returns has risks. As a buyer, it is crucial to equip yourself with all the knowledge and research that is needed to minimise the risk. You can do this by researching the most trusted developers, understanding their track record and the terms and conditions of the transaction that is taking place. Another way to protect your investment is to use a brokerage company such as Fidu Properties to aid in making the best choice possible when you purchase an off plan property. 

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