FIDU Properties Social Responsibility and Humanity

FIDU Properties Social Responsibility and Humanity


At FIDU Properties, importance is always given to the duty to give back to society while always remembering to be grateful for our comforts and blessings. Many at times, we tend to forget the value of human empathy and sympathy, and what a long way it can come in regards to providing someone with a state of peace. The work and service provided by those operating the Senses Center is a true reflection of the goodness of humanity.

It is important to note that humans are social beings who crave affection and a sense of belonging. The experience proved to be enriching and enlightening for the team, and they were happy to bond with the children. We often tend to take for granted, the opportunities and blessings that have been bestowed upon us. It is important to occasionally give back to the ones who aren’t as privileged. To be humane is to understand and empathise with regards to what society requires or what another being needed to grow, be it emotionally or physically.

FIDU Properties cares for children with special needs

The Fidu Properties team understands its impact and responsibility towards society and are eager to give back. The Fidu team was divided into two groups, and each group engaged with a different set of children. They participated in the scheduled musical therapy, singing and dancing with the children who were enjoying the entertainment. The children were thrilled with their visitors and enjoyed playing games with them. The Senses Centre also makes volunteers aware of a ‘wishlist’ of the items required for the smooth running of the center.
The FIDU Properties team was happy to oblige and donated many specialised necessities, including hygiene supplies and cleaning products. Moreover, this also proved to be an opportunity where the employees got to reflect and appreciate all that they hold near and dear, all that they’ve been provided with. Various emotions were surfaced and touched as they got to spend quality time with the children at the center.

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