FIDU Properties Sales Team Yacht Party

FIDU Properties Sales Team Yacht Party

21st December 2019: The Fidu Properties sales team went on a relaxing yacht cruise at the weekend to celebrate their achievements within the company. The yacht sailed across the marina with fabulous scenes of the Dubai cityscape passing by on the seafront.

At Fidu Properties, regularly scheduled team-building activities like this are conducted to strengthen bonds between colleagues to increase productivity and passion for work. The balance of work and play is well understood and embraced in the work ethos of Fidu. It is vital to engage employees in ambiences aside from those that involve work to help with individual bonding along with relationship building. 

FIDU Properties, regularly scheduled team-building activities

Fidu Properties sales team enjoyed a delicious lunch buffet served with soft drinks set against the backdrop of the magnificent Atlantis The Palm hotel. During the meal, a brainstorming session was organised to come up with creative ideas to improve sales in the company. The casual yet chic setting inspired a plethora of ideas, and the session was incredibly fruitful. Lively music was played aboard the yacht, and the team danced, sang and relished the general merriment. The cruise ended in the evening, with the team enjoying each other’s company whilst watching the sunset on the horizon.

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