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At Fidu Properties, a lot of thought and work has gone into fine-tuning the culture and work environment - two of the main pillars in the construction of a lucrative company.

Employees of today have a new focus on purpose and work-life balance. At Fidu Properties, we are dedicated to striving for excellence and providing the highest standard of work-life balance possible. We are committed to not only producing leading real-estate services for our clients, but also ensuring that our employees are engaged in the best work environment possible.

Successful companies understand that one of the best drivers of productivity is ownership in one’s work. With autonomy, employees are entrusted to innovate and work independently, without excessive pressure. A healthy environment at work opens up a creative frontier and increases output.

The Fidu Properties ethos has always relied on employee well-being and growth. Productivity and work output will increase tenfold when employees are driven, passionate about their work and most importantly - happy. The family-like business culture at Fidu ensures that every employee feels as though they belong in the company, and their contribution is recognised and appreciated.

Some of the steps taken to improve employee well-being and prosperity are listed below:

  • A supportive environment - all achievements are announced in the office where employees celebrate and support each other.
  • At Fidu, each month, a team is rewarded with an all-expenses-paid activity in Dubai.
  • Every month, top performers are recognised via a company-wide email and rewarded appropriately.
  • A pantry area is available for employees to take a break, relax and socialise with their co-workers.
  • Public festivals are celebrated at the office with great enthusiasm and excitement.
  • Monthly company-wide events take place to strengthen familial bonds between colleagues.
  • Amenities like hot beverages and team lunches are provided on occasion.

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