FIDU Careers | Incentives and Recognition

It is important to be celebrated and cheered for your accomplishments to be effective in your workplace. Acknowledgement helps in increasing productivity and fostering a sense of loyalty and teamwork. At Fidu, it is essential that our employees feel valued and appreciated for their contributions to the growth of the company. Excellent work is recognised and rewarded through the following ways:

Annual Awards

The Annual Awards at Fidu are conducted as an upscale gala dinner. At the event, consistent sales performers are recognised for their exceptional achievements with awards and praise.

Top Sales Performer of the Month

The top sales performer of every month is recognised via a company-wide email and rewarded accordingly.


Birthdays at Fidu Properties are celebrated with lively fervour as employees are showered with presents and a birthday cake.

Flexibility at Work

Property Consultants who have stayed with the company for a significant period of time are allowed to organise flexible work hours while maintaining the company structure

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