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31st Jan-2023

Whether you had a quiet January or celebrated the start of 2023 with a month-load of fun, one thing is for sure – February in Dubai is set to be a cracker. There are heaps of things to do in February...

29th Dec-2022

The city is full of life and light because of the Dubai Shopping Festival which makes the city come alive. Not the one who likes to shop? Then you can enjoy on the beach or go for a lovely outdoor brunch in the pleasant weather...

29th Nov-2022

December is a hive of activity, with everything from shopping festivals offering unbeatable discounts to exclusive New Year’s Eve Gala Dinners and parties. And with great weather and special offers, visiting the city over the winter months...

29th Oct-2022

While Dubai is certainly a fantastic destination to visit all year round, November is considered one of the best times to visit this cosmopolitan Middle Eastern city. November in Dubai is when the heat is much milder and you can enjoy the “winter” days outdoors with...

29th Jul-2022

It’s October, say goodbye to the intense summer heat and hello to cooler days! This month, Dubai will start to get livelier with exciting events and new activities popping up all over the city. To make it even more exciting, the much-awaited return and opening of EXPO City Dubai will kick off this...

25th Aug-2022

As the Suhail Star made its appearance in the Dubai night sky last 24th of august, the autumn season officially starts this September! The mercury will gradually drop, and the weather will be relatively pleasant. With a finer temperature, Dubai in September will start to see an increase in activities and events, especially in the evening...

25th Jul-2022

Be it hot or cold, Dubai never stops to amaze with new adventures and activities. The heat is alive and on this summer with the continuation of the Dubai Summer Surprises. Along with the best deals, new summer adventures have sprung up all over the city and no day in August is too dull to have some fun...

23rd Jul-2022

Dubai has been named the most popular highest skyscraper skyline on Instagram with the highest average number of likes compared to other cities in the world. This is according to a study by a UK-based firm TonerGiant.

Home to the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. Dubai’s awe-inspiring skyline is lined with several architectural marvels including the tallest hotel Gevora Hotel. According to the latest data 

28th Jun-2022

Summer officially starts here in Dubai this July 2022, it may sizzle, but the city won’t stop with its amazing surprises. Get your to-do list ready as we’re about to serve you the best summer activities and events you and you family can do in Dubai this July 2022...

26th May-2022

Summer is here in Dubai! Its gonna be a little hot but you know what’s hotter? Great deals and cheap offers, and less crowd! Yes, you’ve heard it right, the city is a lot more free and with majority of the places cooled with AC, roaming the city is comfortable and convenient.

9th May-2022

With the amount remarkably lower than before, foreign investors can gain a lot from this new system. They can choose to invest in a wider range of properties as off-plan properties are now also included. Holders of UAE Golden Visa are also entitled to 100% ownership of their business in UAE...

1st May-2022

With the long Eid holiday already nearing its end, people are now prepping to go back to work with post-holiday blues, but fret not there are still a lot of happenings, activities, and events in Dubai in May 2022. Here, we listed the Dubai events in May 2022 so that you can make the most out of your weekend to battle those post-holiday blues...

4th Apr-2022

With the holy month of Ramadan expected to start this 2nd of April, people are now preparing to fast and reflect. Working and school hours are also shorter and allowing more time for leisure and activities...

28th Feb-2022

March towards an eventful month. Find out what's happening in Dubai in March 2022 and what you can do today, tomorrow, this weekend and every day of the week. Planning things to do in Dubai in March? Check out all the best ones right here.

1st Jan-1970

We've rounded up the top things to do this February 2022 in Dubai before the temperatures rise.

28th Dec-2022
What a great way to start a new year! Experience the world's best amusement parks, architectural wonders, museums, beaches, malls, and hotels in Dubai in January 2022! It's time to take advantage of the modern-day oasis and here's why it's the right time to go to Dubai today!  
28th Nov-2021

The holiday season is fast approaching, and we have prepared some of the most-anticipated events and festivals lined up for you and your family in Dubai this December! Check them all out below.

28th Oct-2021

Experience 192 countries plus the best of art, architecture, science, culture and more at the Expo 2020 Dubai. Check out all the lined-up activities..

19th Oct-2021

The All Africa Festival is the region’s largest showcase of pan-African cultures that aims to bring together the region’s residents andThe All Africa Festival is the region’s largest showcase of pan-African cultures that aims to bring together the region’s residents and...

27th Sep-2021

In a few days, Dubai is ready to welcome the world when the much-awaited Expo 2020 will finally open, and we will all discover how to build a better world and shape the future. As the Expo 2020 is preparing to welcome tourists from all over the world to the UAE

29th Sep-2021

Dubai to Welcome World with Historic Expo 2020 Opening and Other Exciting Activities This October 2021

30th Aug-2021

Dubai Summer Surprises 2021 continues and there’s a lot of Dubai summer activities that you and your family can still do and enjoy. Check out these exciting and fun activities in Dubai this September 2021.

23rd Aug-2021

If you are thinking to move to Dubai with your family, one of the greatest concerns for those families who have young children would be “what is the best school in Dubai and where is it?”. The good news is, Dubai has several excellent schools around the city, and we have prepared a list of 10 Outstanding Schools (awarded with the highest rating of ‘Outstanding’ by the Knowledge & Human Development Authority – KHDA) that are currently considered to be among

15th Aug-2021

Off-plan properties in Dubai have gained much interest among people looking to invest in a property in Dubai. With over thousands of investors from all over the world have already invested in off-plan projects in Dubai

2nd Aug-2021

The UAE passport has climbed up in global rankings and is now the third most powerful in the passport index, according to new data released by Arton Capital. The UAE passport has also maintained its place as the most powerful passport in the Arab world

27th Jul-2021

We know you can’t get enough of Dubai Summer Surprises this 2021. And if you’re looking for things to do in Dubai during summer, we’ve made a list of what’s happening in Dubai this August.  Serving you with live entertainment, amazing deals, relaxation and sports activities, and other summer activities in Dubai for the whole family.

6th Jul-2021

The UAE Golden Visa where it allows foreigners to live, work, study and do business in the UAE without the need for a visa guarantor is very popular among certain groups of foreign investors. Foreign business owners and investors can also own 100% business ownership in the UAE, with their visas issued for 5 or 10 years and will be automatically renewed.

30th Jun-2021

Summer is kicking in hot in Dubai and we’ve got some fun and entertaining activities for you this July 2021 that you and your families surely don’t want to miss! From musical entertainment, activities for fitness lovers to incredible shopping deals, all are lined up and ready for you to fully enjoy your Dubai summer.


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