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7th Jul-2020

Emaar Properties is a globally renowned property development organisation. Launching new Emaar off plan properties and communities of top quality regularly has quickly transformed the company into a giant in the world of real estate.The heights of excellence that new Emaar  projects in dubai have managed to achieve is admirable and astonishing.The leading developers easily integrate the master-planned communities with the best facilities and high-quality amenities; these communities h

28th Jun-2020

1. Understanding the difference between off-plan or ready properties

A huge section of the real estate market in the United Arab Emirates consists of off-plan properties. Off-plan properties are projects under construction and are sold by developers. The advantage of purchasing an off-plan property is centred around a lower cost, as well as a lower down payment. 

2. Be aware of the regulations

The Dubai Land Department

2nd Jul-2020

An off-plan property is an unconstructed property bought legitimately from a designer or now and again a first proprietor. For the situation where the purchaser is purchasing straightforwardly from the designer at season of procurement the purchaser generally pays a 10-20% up front installment and signs SPA (Sales Purchase Agreement). Contingent upon which engineer the remainder of installments made can and do shift however are generally connected to development.

6th Jul-2020

1. Delays

One of the main risks to investing in off plan properties is the potential delay on construction and completion. Developers always set out construction with the best intentions; to complete development on time and within their formed schedule. However, unforeseen building delays can cause a postponement in the handover of an off plan property. This would mean that a buyer would have to wait longer to receive their property, which could prove problemati

22nd Jul-2020

Since 2019, new trends in areas of long term investment in real estate have been noticed. These include:

1. Student Accommodation:

The emirate of Dubai hosts over 62 educational institutions that are internationally accredited from a variety of boards. The presence of these prestigious institutions attracts students from all around the globe. The increase in the number of students in Dubai has presented the opportunity to invest in real estate for stu

25th Jul-2020

With real estate being one of the most popular forms of long term investment in the emirate of Dubai, a common question in the minds of investors and homebuyers alike is as follows:

‘Is it a good time to buy property in Dubai?’

This question follows the lockdown that has affected lives and livelihoods worldwide. The real estate industry did see a drop in sales of properties during the lockdown in the emirate. However, we are heading back t

3rd Aug-2020

With the abundance of properties that are available in today's real estate market, buyers can afford to be choosy. Hence, it is essential to pull out all the stops to present your property for sale in the best light possible. 

9th Sep-2020

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in the demand for real estate property. The sales trend has changed from high-end or luxury properties to low-priced middle-class properties. That is why well-known and new property developers alike have now shifted to create a quality yet affordable hotels, homes or commercial areas to cope with the evolving real estate market.

13th Sep-2020

Committed to upholding our reputation of outstanding performance, we at Fidu Properties continue to provide our clients with the highest standards of service. Possessing an overall comprehensive knowledge of the industry allows our agents to provide tailored recommendations to suit the diverse needs of our clients.
At Fidu, we make sure to build a strong foundation of trust and integrity with every client in need. 

14th Sep-2020

If you've bought tickets to the first observation deck (called At the Top), you'll walk past multimedia exhibits chronicling the construction of the Burj before squeezing into a lift that whisks you to the 124th floor (452m) at a speed of 10m per second. To intensify the viewing experience, you can drop a few dirhams into a high-powered telescope, which not only zeroes in on modern-day Dubai but also simulates the same view at night and in the 1980s.

16th Sep-2020

The One at JVC has praise by the decision maker evaluate its inventive plan that put the visitors soundly at the focus on the hotel’s awesome designation. These awards make ‘The One at JVC’s one of the reputed among the most exciting hotels existing in Dubai.

16th Sep-2020


Dubai has established a hassle free purchase procedure when it comes to ready to move properties in dubai. After the buyer has chosen the unit they wish to buy, they sign the contract dictating terms and condtions of the purchase. The payment for the ready to move property can be paid in one payment or on a number of installments as agreed upon. Real estate in Dubai also offers potential buyers promotional schemes like "Pay 5% and move into dubai apartments, villas,

20th Sep-2020

Mohammed Bin Rashid City, abbreviated to MBR City, is the bold new vision of Dubai announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The development is to be one of the largest mixed-use communities and is conceptualised as a microcity - a city within a city and mbr city area guide. The four major components that have inspired the idea of MBR City are retail, arts, family tourism and innovation.

21st Sep-2020

Developed by Nakheel, the Palm Jumeirah villas have access to amazing facilities and exquisite amenities. One of the most unique features that the residents of the Palm Jumeirah villas will experience is the beautiful coastline and seafront views and dubai man made islands. The views of the blue waters and white sands of the Arabian Gulf coastline are unmatched. A plethora of cafes, restaurants and entertainment activities are spread across the Palm Jumeirah community.

14th Sep-2020

Meraas Holdings is a recognized as one of UAE's top developers that has a range of diversified operations in dining, leisure activities, hospitality and more. Meraas applies the best quality to development to deliver current and contemporary living for residents in Dubai.

24th Sep-2020

The annoucement of long term visas for property buyers has accelerated a growing interest in the property market encouraging potential investors especially first time buyers to survery the range of options available to them across the land. It's not a decision home buyers can take easily as they decide through budgetary considerations, the trendiest localities, the real estate services they should hire and what not. Through a series of important decisions home buyers have to take, a ke

28th Sep-2020

You as of now have a value you are happy to sell at however is this feasible and reasonable in the Dubai property market? Bounce on property entrances and have a genuine decent glance around to contrast your property with those that have sold in your general vicinity. Maybe it is useful to take a gander at comparative properties in different territories and see what purchasers can get at the deal cost you have as a top priority for your own property. Market value records will be sent to yo

29th Sep-2020

While all GCC ventures share a typical worth, to upgrade the locale's economy and the travel industry, they are on the whole novel. Hotly anticipated, these six GCC ventures are only a couple of years from consummation. From Abu Dhabi's enticing shores and Dubai's dynamic life to Doha's exuberant horizon, these activities are each speculator's little glimpse of heaven.

1st Oct-2020

whether you need to know invest into Dubai or you consider moving to the capital of the UAE and buy a home for your family, there are loads of things you need to remember. With an endless stream of new real estate projects in Dubai, there is abundant chance to discover the property that you are searching for.

6th Oct-2020

In this growing age of technology, potential buyers have multiple apps, websites, social media platforms, etc at their service to find their desired property listing. It is no mystery that the majority of home buyers are now self-reliant in finding homes best suited to their needs. But what happens when they find their dream home? A cease of power will compel them to hire the services of an agent to allow them to get a foot in towards what home they desire.

8th Oct-2020

The UAE government had been quick to implement policies that supported local businesses and in-turn residents sail through these unexpected times by easing fees and payments schemes. These initiatives undertaken by the government will continue to reflect positively in the second half of 2020 as well.
Despite a few hiccups in the market, the Dubai Land and Department reported a whopping Dh72.B worth of real estate transactions in the first half of 2020, awakening the presumed econom

1st Jan-1970

Living inside the Dubai Beachfront and Waterfront communities is truly a whole other living experience. While the hustle of city life continues at the same time, there's a sound way of life waiting for the people living there. One can enjoy the unrivaled views in tranquility while a vibrant marina awaits them minutes away.  

18th Aug-2020

Dubai is one of the world's global capitals for trade, business and investment opportunities. With Expo 2020 bring organised soon, the number of lucrative investment options in the UAE has increased. This event, in turn, has increased the number of international investors looking for potential opportunities in the region. Analysis of the trends has revealed that the number of Chinese real estate investors is on the rise. The Dubai Land Department has stated that as of 2019, Chinese inv

28th Jun-2020

The emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is one of the largest hubs for business, entertainment, and tourism. The metropolitan haven is a magnet for expatriates looking to run businesses whilst enjoying life in an urban setting. Real estate is an established secondary property investment option in Dubai. Chinese Real estate brokers in Dubai is unique, as the market has a proven track record in both purchase domains: personal use and Dubai investment real estate.


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