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7th Jul-2020

Emaar Properties is a globally renowned property development organisation. The company has transformed into a giant in the world of real estate and is launching top quality emaar off plan properties and communities regularly. The heights of excellence that Emaar new projects in dubai has managed to achieve is admirable and astonishing. The leading developers easily integrate master-planned communities with the best facilities and high-quality amenities; these communities have transformed t

28th Jun-2020

The emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is one of the largest hubs for business, entertainment, and tourism. The metropolitan haven is a magnet for expatriates looking to run businesses whilst enjoying life in an urban setting. Real estate is an established secondary property investment option in Dubai. Chinese Real estate brokers in Dubai is unique, as the market has a proven track record in both purchase domains: personal use and Dubai investment real estate.

28th Jun-2020

1. Understanding the difference between off-plan or ready properties

A huge section of the real estate market in the United Arab Emirates consists of off-plan properties. Off-plan properties are projects under construction and are sold by developers. The advantage of purchasing an off-plan property is centred around a lower cost, as well as a lower down payment. 

2. Be aware of the regulations

The Dubai Land Department

2nd Jul-2020

The advantages of investing in off plan property in Dubai are threefold:

1. Lower prices

Potential homeowners and investors are more likely to be attracted to properties that are sold at a lower cost. Flexible payment plans and promotions on off plan property dubai enhance the appeal of investing in this section of the Dubai real estate market. This lower cost also includes the lower upfront payments that need to be m

2nd Jul-2020

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan cities in the world. It has transformed into a global hub for international trading and tourism. The high standard of living, luxurious facilities, iconic attractions, and tax-free nature of living attracts a large number of residents and tourists to the magnificent city. 

6th Jul-2020

1. Delays

One of the main risks to investing in off plan properties is the potential delay on construction and completion. Developers always set out construction with the best intentions; to complete development on time and within their formed schedule. However, unforeseen building delays can cause a postponement in the handover of an off plan property. This would mean that a buyer would have to wait longer to receive their property, which could prove problemati

22nd Jul-2020

Since 2019, new trends in areas of long term investment in real estate have been noticed. These include:

1. Student Accommodation:

The emirate of Dubai hosts over 62 educational institutions that are internationally accredited from a variety of boards. The presence of these prestigious institutions attracts students from all around the globe. The increase in the number of students in Dubai has presented the opportunity to invest in real estate for stu

25th Jul-2020

With real estate being one of the most popular forms of long term investment in the emirate of Dubai, a common question in the minds of investors and homebuyers alike is as follows:

‘Is it a good time to buy property in Dubai?’

This question follows the lockdown that has affected lives and livelihoods worldwide. The real estate industry did see a drop in sales of properties during the lockdown in the emirate. However, we are heading back t

3rd Aug-2020

With the abundance of properties that are available in today's real estate market, buyers can afford to be choosy. Hence, it is essential to pull out all the stops to present your property for sale in the best light possible. 

9th Sep-2020

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in the demand for real estate property. The sales trend has changed from high-end or luxury properties to low-priced middle-class properties. That is why well-known and new property developers alike have now shifted to create a quality yet affordable hotels, homes or commercial areas to cope with the evolving real estate market.

13th Sep-2020

Committed to the highest standards of client service and business ethics and combining a reputation for outstanding performance, industry knowledge and transactional expertise, we provide our clients to achieve creative real estate solutions and value-based results. Commercial Real Estate agents in our business is built on trust and integrity. This is intrinsic in everything we do, and is what gives our clients, colleagues, suppliers, partners and investors the confidence to work with us.

14th Sep-2020

If you've bought tickets to the first observation deck (called At the Top), you'll walk past multimedia exhibits chronicling the construction of the Burj before squeezing into a lift that whisks you to the 124th floor (452m) at a speed of 10m per second. To intensify the viewing experience, you can drop a few dirhams into a high-powered telescope, which not only zeroes in on modern-day Dubai but also simulates the same view at night and in the 1980s.

16th Sep-2020

The One at JVC has praise by the decision maker evaluate its inventive plan that put the visitors soundly at the focus on the hotel’s awesome designation. These awards make ‘The One at JVC’s one of the reputed among the most exciting hotels existing in Dubai.

16th Sep-2020
After you have chosen the unit you want to buy, you have reached the stage of signing the contract after checking the property status Dubai Land Department, and making the payment for the ready to move property which may be paid in one payment or on a number of installments as agreed upon.
17th Sep-2020

There are robust opportunities to be had by investing in multifamily assets located in secondary investment and tertiary markets. Yet, in order to realize the attractive risk-adjusted yields many anticipate achieving in these markets, it’s imperative to vet these opportunities differently from primary markets.

19th Sep-2020

Houses tend to be sold as freehold properties in dubai as it's a more clear-cut scenario, given there's only one property on that piece of land.

18th Aug-2020

Dubai is one of the world's global capitals for trade, business and investment opportunities. With Expo 2020 bring organised soon, the number of lucrative investment options in the UAE has increased. This event, in turn, has increased the number of international investors looking for potential opportunities in the region. Analysis of the trends has revealed that the number of Chinese real estate investors is on the rise. The Dubai Land Department has stated that as of 2019, Chinese inv

8th Mar-2020

At FIDU Properties, our top priority is to ensure that every employee at our company feels appreciated and respected. This especially extends to women as our company wants to ensure that gender parity continues in the workplace. During our celebration, every woman in our office received a red rose as a token of appreciation for their significant contribution to the progress of our prestigious company. The celebration was enhanced with a lovely rose coloured she

16th Feb-2020

A statement released by FIDU Properties

We have worked hard and fast to ensure that the needs of stakeholders weren’t just met but exceeded. These include the many regional and international clients who have placed their trust in Fidu’s experienced advisory and market expertise when it comes to choosing what for many, is their most important purchase. In the wake of what has been a successful two years, marked by a 172% spurt in real es

10th Feb-2020

Many at times, we often tend to forget the importance of balancing out leisure and fun amidst work. This is what Fidu encourages - a healthy ambience that primarily opens up a creative frontier while increasing productivity at work. This is why the company ethos at Fidu firmly centres on employee wellbeing and prosperity; if we can produce a harmonious group of employees who are driven, passionate about their work but most importantly - happy, it will increase

28th Jan-2020


At FIDU Properties, importance is always given to the duty to give back to society while always remembering to be grateful for our comforts and blessings. Many at times, we tend to forget the value of human empathy and sympathy, and what a long way it can come in regards to providing someone with a state of peace. The work and service provided by those operating the Senses Center is a true reflection of the goodnes

12th Jan-2020

During the last year, Fidu Properties has registered an incredible 172% increase in the real estate deals that were closed during 2019 as compared to the previous year. Our company has also recorded a 289% year to year increase in sales of projects by EMAAR.

A 231% year to year increase in rental deals and a 200% increase on its agent commissions during 2019 were recorded when compared to 2018.  Fidu Properties plans to charge full speed a

21st Dec-2019

At Fidu Properties, regularly scheduled team-building activities like this are conducted to strengthen bonds between colleagues to increase productivity and passion for work. The balance of work and play is well understood and embraced in the work ethos of Fidu. It is vital to engage employees in ambiences aside from those that involve work to help with individual bonding along with relationship building. 

28th Nov-2019

The United Arab Emirates’s National Day celebrates the unity of the seven emirates that formed one of the best and most dynamic countries in the world. On this glorious day, residents of the country come together to salute the father of the nation, H.H Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Our team at Fidu Properties is proud of the success and determination achieved by the rulers of the UAE.


3rd Sep-2019

Fidu Properties, a leading Chinese company with a significant presence in the UAE property market, has opened its second office at Emaar Square in Dubai as part of its vigorous regional expansion plan. The company has announced massive plans to expand over the next three years.


19th May-2019

For those that follow the Islamic faith, this period is a time of appreciation and self-reflection, marked by daily efforts of kindness and prayer. At Fidu Properties, we use this time to express our gratitude to each other and encourage each other to actively adopt some of the values that are synonymous with the Holy Month.


17th Jan-2019

The Fidu Properties team recognises its responsibilities towards society and to our fellow human beings. Our company organised a blood drive to help save millions of lives. A team of nurses was organised to help facilitate the blood drive at our Emaar Square office. The nurses asked our employees a series of questions to ensure they were eligible to donate blood.


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